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Hiki Art Festival / hiki-pic
After 20-Aug-02 AM 12:00
Paul Bäcker 21-Jan-20 PM 09:35
"Friends oh Hiki"
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Pinarius 21-Jan-21 PM 04:41
Title: "Hikikomori Man"
nefi 21-Jan-22 PM 11:10
title: feeling_small
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Buri 21-Jan-24 AM 12:11
Title:Self-portrait I was inspired by “Death Note” to create this work.
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stupid bean / 愚かな豆 21-Jan-26 AM 07:30
Title: The realization. I was inspired to make this picture after seeing my faint reflection in the window in the middle of the night. It shows me, confused, and drowning in self-pity as I realize how pointless my life seems, sitting behind two monitors.
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Mantis 21-Jan-26 AM 10:30
Title: Only 50% Real On the other side of that door lies potential hope and opportunity. A real life. Surely it's as easy as just pushing down that handle and walking outside. But yet I feel paralysed and bound to this home. Of course, that door stays shut and I always return to my virtual reality. A digital life. Edit: Resubmitted to correct small mistake
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PaddingtonBae 21-Jan-26 PM 01:46
Title: Pacing Description: I spent the entirety of my teenage life isolated. I didn't go to middle or high school. I was too scared to see an eye doctor even though I thought I might be going blind. So I would just spend a lot of time pacing and daydreaming about being someone powerful and less helpless. The world outside was a mystery to me, and I was only vaguely aware of what I was missing out on. (edited)
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Seto 21-Jan-27 AM 03:17
Title : False Sense of Security
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java 21-Jan-27 AM 11:37
Title: The Outside World Description: Here is a picture I did out of some random inspiration earlier this evening - nothing to compete with the actual artists here, but it does give me a peculiar feeling of unease, similar to the experience of facing the outside world after too long a period of isolation. Then I thought, why not submit it for the festival.
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